On Board truck scales and on board trailer scales have been our focus since the begginning.  Our objective has been to design and build very precise onboard truck scales that were affordable, durable and simple to install. Today, and since the beginning, our dynamic team is proud of being able to offer a range of  on board truck scales and on-board trailer scales that meet the toughest environmental and trucking industry requirements.   

Manufactured in Northern Canada this environment offers us a unique laboratory to test our on-board truck scales. Our on-board truck scales and onboard trailer scale are tested and used every day in trucking operations where  temperatures regularly reach below - 40°C (F). Our on-board truck scale and onboard trailer scale systems are used locally in the logging and mining Industries.  These local industries are known to have some of the most severe operational conditions imaginable.  Almost unbelievable, onboard truck  scales and on-board trailer scales that work in these severe envirnoments on trucks transporting more than 100 tons each! 

CLERAL’s unique approach has redefined onboard truck scale and on-board trailer scales technology because you asked for it. You Talk and we Listen.
#1 On Board Truck Scales and On-Board Trailer scales for ALL suspension types
SENTINEL is the Gold Standard when it comes to wireless on-board truck scales and on-board trailer scales.  The palm size hand held monitor displays gross weight and individual axle weights simultaneously and in real time within a radius of 400' from the vehicle. In a blink of an eye, the pictogram displays gross weight and axle weights and their distribution. Weights can be displayed in net (payload) or gross (GVW) and selected units (kg, lbs or ton). Pictograms of popular trucks and trailers are available in the monitor’s memory. The calibration process is as easy as 123.  With accuracy of < +/- 1% SENTINEL is the right on-board truck scale for remote work.  It allows up to 8 channels (axle groups) to be displayed. Multiple trailers and their calibration are easily stored in the monitor which makes switching trailers easy.  SENTINEL wireless is as versatile as your on-board truck scale needs require.
Sentinel PS2 Wireless
KiLoad (key-load) dash mounted
Kiload’s (key-load) competitive price will surprise you.... Why spend another day without an on board truck scale or on-board trailer scale?

KiLoad is the economical choice for on board truck scale and onboard trailer scale systems accessible to all budgets. If you are looking for a high performance onboard truck scale at a reasonable price look no further, KiLoad is the one. In a blink of an eye you have access to your gross vehicle weight, payload and its distribution on the truck. Steer axle, drop axle, tag axle, no problem.  The truck scale is very simple to use.  The small backlit cab mounted display is easy to see and the monitor’s small dimensions allows for installation on the dashboard without obstructing the operators view.

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Introducing REFLEX automated SPIF compliant trailer mounted scale to manage axle weight distribution.
Automatically activate and instantly regulate pressure to your auxiliary axles and control axle weight distribution.... spread your load evenly over any trailer supension configuration using REFLEX trailer mounted on-board scale.  SPIF compliant.