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On-board truck scales and onboard trailer scales are here to stay.  Affordable and as easy to use as a bathroom scale, on-board truck scale and on-board trailer scales offer the user many benefits including reduced fuel consumption, increased safety, increased revenues,  and increased operational savings.  As a distributor and weighing systems engineer specializing in on-board truck scales, onboard trailer scales and mobile weighing systems for the past 10 years, I have helped develop several unique onboard truck scale and on board trailer scale solutions with input from operators and several major equipment and vehicle manufacturers.  Operators that have already installed and are using on-board truck scales and on-board trailer scales are experiencing increased revenues and significant savings in operating costs.  knowing your exact weight at the point of loading reduces costs.  It is simply inefficient not to know your weight at the point of loading.  With diesel fuel prices continuing to increase operators are looking for ways to be more efficient.  Adding an on-board truck scale or on board trailer scale is will increase efficiency.  Why leave under loaded by several thousand pounds or more and not collect the added revenue?   On the flip side,  why leave overloaded and risk the cost of an overload fine, or worse, contributing to a serious accident resulting in injury or death because you’re overloaded?  Operating savings aside, avoiding one overload fine or accident justifies the cost of having an onboard truck scale or on board trailer scale fitted to your truck or to your trailer.  This technology is tested reliable and accurate and has been proven to save money.  Weight is everything in the trucking business.  There is simply no reason, with the reasonably priced, easy to use, easy to install,  reliable & accurate onboard truck scale and on-board trailer scale systems available today, that an on-board truck scale or on-board trailer scale shouldn’t be standard equipment for your truck and or your trailer.  
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